The DOP-6001 beam smoke detector is designed for smoke detection at the start of a fire. It is especially suitable for protection of indoor spaces, in which the appearance of smoke is likely during ignition of a fire, and where, due to a large space area, installation of a greater number of point smoke detectors would be necessary.

The DOP-6001R beam smoke detectors are equipped with fire alarm and fault relay outputs, which enable them to operate in detection lines of any fire alarm system control panels as well as in burglar alarm systems.

Beam Smoke Detector - Polon Alfa

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  • Principles of operation

    The DOP-6001 detector consists of an infrared (IR) light transmitter and a receiver located in a single housing and an interoperating E39-R8 prism reflector or 4xE39-R8 reflector panel.

    Operation of the beam smoke detector is based on an analysis of air optical transparency in the space between the detector and the prism reflector or the prism reflector panel. If certain defined content of aerosol (smoke) is found in the air reducing optical transparency, then the detector, according to a pre-set sensitivity threshold will evoke an alarm mode. Complete interruption of the radiation beam is signalised as a fault mode because even the largest smoke concentration in the air does not cause complete interruption of the detector optical beam path. If the air is clear, the detector is in a quiescent mode. The DOP-6001 beam smoke detector is equipped with a built-in automatic compensation systems for monitoring of dirt build-up on its optical system and compensation for environ impact conditions ensuring that the detector maintains constant sensitivity and fire detection ability for a long time. At a certain level of dirt build-up, the detector signals a fault mode denoting the necessity to undertake servicing and cleaning works.

    During a fire alarm, the detector turns on (usually opened) the breaking circuit of the alarm relay output. In a fault (full break of the radiation beam) and servicing mode (dirt contamination on optical devices), the DOP-6001R detector opens (usually closed) the breaking circuit of the fault relay output. The detector can operate in a support mode or without it.



    The DOP-6001R beam smoke detector and the prism reflector or prism reflector panel are installed on opposite walls of a room. The walls must be stable and vibration-free. Special adjusting screws of the detector unit and the reflector panel are used for precise alignment of the detector and the reflector/s on the optical path. A special laser target viewfinder is activated at the moment when the optical beam path is aligned.

    The prism reflector and the panel of prism reflectors are not included in the detector order package and should be ordered separately.



    1. For detector testing, the FT-40 test foil should be used; for aligning the detector optical beam path with the reflector panel – the LS-40 service mirror is used.
    2. The highest detector sensitivity can be obtained by setting its threshold at 18%.

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